Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 44 - A change of vehicle and Accident #2 (Thailand)

We decided today that we would follow the crowd and be normal tourists, hiring scooters for the day. All the cool kids were doing it and although having a car is awesome, the idea of scooting about the narrow mountain roads on a scooter did seem appealing. And we certainly did have a very enthralling day exploring the area, including a 40km or so chunk of the mountain pass between here and Chiang Mai.

We did however have our second accident of the trip - funnily enough this one also involved a scooter, but this time the culprit was Ben. Although he had actually been hooning for most of the day (I am obliged to include the fact that his top speed was 110kmh), it was starting to get dusk and we were on a pretty tricky bit of road so we were all taking it carefully. Unfortunately some sort of bug got caught inside his shirt and gave his arm a sharp bite, sending him into freak out mode which resulted in a run-in with the nearest ditch. His legs are actually more cut up than the guy Denner knocked off his bike in Krabi. Special thanks go to Doctor Denner who did a brilliant job of administering alcohol wipes (much to Ben's disgust) and some well secured bandages to the damaged areas.

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