Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 36 - A hike through some sewage (Thailand)

We are currently on Koh Phi Phi - one of Thailand's many islands inhabited mainly by guesthouses, restaurants, bars, massage parlours, tattoo parlours, fruit smoothie stands, and of course tourists. Today we thought we'd be a bit adventurous and walk up to the highest point (approx 180m) to the view point, and then back down the other side which is apparently a bit more off the beaten track, and find some quiet beaches. Unfortunately though we got to the top of the hill and realised you have to pay a fee, so we decided to head back down and make new plans. On the way we found a lovely restaurant with a great view, so we stopped for lunch, and during our meal we watched the clouds rolling in on each side of the island. The mist descending on the rock peaks and gradually closing in on us before starting to rain is quite a spectacular sight, and there's something very exciting about sitting under cover and watching the rain fall.

Eventually though we decided we couldn't sit there all day - I don't know why we couldn't, it's not like the place was busy or we had anywhere else to be, but it does feel slightly ridiculous to sit in one restaurant for an entire afternoon - so we made a run for it back to our guesthouse. Denner and I were smart and took our flip flops off, which turned out to be a good move; as we were running along the path, we realised we were actually now wading in a river, and it seems the sewage is nearby and must also be overflowing. Both Tunkles and Ben's flip flops came off in the sewage river and had to be rescued, but eventually we made it home - albeit drenched and covered upto our knees in sewage. I very heroically wrapped my camera in a plastic bag and headed out for some photography (photos will be on our facebook page in a couple of days).

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