Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day 22 - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

So as it turns out there is a much better link to our article in the Progress Leader... .

We were pretty sad to say farewell to Boracay and Priscillia yesterday morning. Our few fun days in Boracay were filled with lots of adventures. Denner spent an entire day looking for board shorts that would fit anyone other than fat American tourists - turns out skinny Philippinos don't shop at the markets on tourist beaches; we were involved in an accident between the jeepney we were riding in and another jeepney - fortunately we were driving at about 0 km/h (0 m/h), and I don't think anyone except us even noticed; we continued to enjoy our spontaneous present giving that began in Darwin, including Ben gratefully receiving from Tunkles a small jar of lobster and salmon paste, and Tunkles ungratefully receiving from Denner a pretty pink "I love Boracay" sunhat that Ben is now enjoying. I won first injury status by piggy-backing Ben all the way from in the sea to where we were sitting 20m up the sand, but everyone was really impressed so the fact that I now can't really walk properly (back injury) doesn't matter too much. It's also a great way to get our of carrying my own bag. We managed to get ourselves quite a nice room in Boracay, and in it was a television. There were a surprising amount of channels, including an Australian one playing AFL, one that seemed to have around-the-clock cock fighting, and our favourite - the karaoke channel, playing everything from K-pop to J-pop.

We flew Philippine Air back to Manila and enjoyed the luxury of the non-budget airline - it's been a while since I was poured a complimentary cup of coffee and served a biscuit and a bag of peanuts on a flight. Then from Manila we flew to KL on Cebu Pacific, who instead of wishing you a safe or smooth flight, wish you a fun flight. And that it was, with a quiz taking place before take-off. Luckily - and not surprisingly - Ben had done his research and was able to answer a question, winning himself a Cebu Pacific toilet bag. We now know that the best way to make any purchase in the Philippines is with a Cebu Pacific Visa, and are contractually obliged to say so. (Persons must be over 21 to apply.)

On our first day in KL we have covered a fair chunk of the city by foot, and for the first time on this trip had three meals at approximately breakfast, lunch and dinner time. We haven't qiute got to eating cats or frogs or eyes of anything yet (although I'm sure the time will come, and probably soon), but we did sample the famous Century Egg at lunch. We all had a can of soft drink on stand-by, but other than being black in colour and gelatinous in texture, it was actually quite non-eventful.

Tomorrow we have two very important tasks to take care of. 1. Find a laundry to take care of our very smelly clothes. 2. Find the Automobile Association of Malysia and figure out what needs to be done in order to collect Trevor. What a relief it will be to get in our car and do whatever we want, without having to wait for shuttle buses, decipher bus routes, negotiate taxi fares and walk everywhere.

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