Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sir Trevor Toyota

With a mere twelve days until departure, we have now officially named our vehicle Trevor Winston Elroy Walter Katter Toyota. This is a very important milestone in each of our lives and has taken much discussion, laughter and of course, debate. A special thanks goes out to Steve Denner who proposed the chosen name of Trevor and, as it turns out, has actually been calling him this for some time. Acknowledgements go out to two of our currently owned cars that will be left behind in Melbourne; Elroy and Walter. You will not be forgotten.

In other news, Indian visas will be ready for collection tomorrow, at which point we will send our passports to Canberra for the Pakistani Embassy to hopefully put some visas in. Our fingers are crossed, and we would appreciate the crossing of fingers and other extremities from all of our kind supporters, that we get our passports back in time for our departure.

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