Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Great Success - Pakistani Visas

When sending off our passports and myriad of supporting documents to the Pakistani High Commission in Canberra on Thursday, we were really worried that considering they tell you it will take at least seven working days (not including mailing time on either end) to approve tourist visas, we had cut it too fine to our leaving date. We had even been considering detouring to Canberra as our first leg if need be. Then we were confronted with some worrying news on Monday morning when we found out that our passports were already back in Melbourne. Surely they wouldn't have them approved and sent back to us in only two working days?? The only other option would seem to be that they have taken one look and for whatever reason, denied us. It wasn't until Tuesday morning - a full twenty four hours of worrying later - that we were finally able to go to the post office and find out that in fact we all have Pakistani visas in our passports! So as it turns out, obtaining a Pakistani tourist visa for a driving trip is not overly difficult or time consuming at all. Either that, or we just got somebody in a really good mood.

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