Tuesday, 21 February 2012

With four and a half weeks to go

Plans are underway and everything's falling into place. We now have Nepalese visas and International Driving Permits. Our shipping from Darwin to Port Klang, Malaysia is booked. Flights from Darwin to Kuala Lumpur (via six days in Manila) are booked and paid for. The tourguide that Chinese law stipulates we must have whilst in their country, is organised and dates and routes have been decided. We have contacted Embassies and Consulates for every country on our itinerary between Nepal and Turkey and are starting to gain a pretty good understanding of which visas can/must be obtained at each point along our trip. We plan to have Indian, Pakistani and Chinese visas before leaving Melbourne, but we will have to get all the others along the way. Our car is almost ready to go, with various adjustments and additions having been made to it, and I think we've got all the tools and spare parts that we could possibly need.


  1. Hey, I'm trying to comment, but this is the third attempt! Will it work this time, I ask myself ... I ask yourselves too!! ...

  2. it works!!!
    the secret seems to be that you do it through google's blogger system. I think and hope that I've signed up to get alerts by email!!
    So I gather that I might be cooking tea for you in about a year's time? What shall it be? I've really perfected beef stroganoff in those pans (like the ones I gave Alison) ... what dessert would you like?
    And do you want me to make up four spare beds in early February 2013? .....

  3. Best of Luck - you'll have a lot of Fun.

    I did the London to Kathmandu trip in 1984 - and went through Iran, when the Iran/Iraq War was going on, and spent a night on a Hill watching Tabriz being hit with Rockets - Strange, Surreal event - that was.

    I will need to get all my photos of this trip - and compare the changes.

    You may meet Uncle Andy some where in China -- Ha Ha…

    Bon Voyage Eilidh