Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Well we are now successfully immunised. The first time we tried we took so long that the hospital pharmacy closed up shop on us - what a pain. Turns out that medical advice for 60+ countries is a big and time expensive task! So we got it all sorted with the doc, but had to return at a later date to actually get the injections put in us. Typhoid and Hep A for everyone, plus Hep B for me.

We also got a whole bunch of meds for diarrhoea, puking, constipation and other such afflictions. For malaria we weighed up all the options and decided to go with the antibiotic Doxycycline, which we have to take every day during our time in the malarial area, aswell as for two days before and two weeks after. It's by far the cheapest option - which is obviously why we chose it - but on the downside, there is a pretty high chance that our bowels will be somewhat disturbed and we may be forced to spend a considerable amount of time on or around a toilet (if we can find one). We've decided to only medicate ourselves for our time in India, as this is the biggest red bit on the malaria map. We're also hoping that anywhere in Southern Asia, we'll be relatively close to medical assistance, whereas this seems less likely to be the case towards Central Asia.

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