Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 191 (Turkmenistan and Iran)

At this point, there's lots of story missing due to the severe lack of internet opportunity and lots of awesome stuff to keep us entertained, but we've made it through Turkmenistan to Iran, all alive and well.

Turkmenistan - what an incredible place, about which I will write plenty more in due course. Our five day transit visa was of course sorely short, but enough for us to visit an eternally flaming gas crater in the middle of the desert, a 55m deep natural thermal spring, and the unique capital city, Ashgabat.

Iran is a very interesting change of scenery after Central Asia, about which I will also share more. The variety of food and drinks is outstanding, especially compared to the narrow selection we've become accustomed to. The compulsory head to toe covering for women isn't quite as charming, especially in the late summer heat, but more on this exceptionally diverse subject later.

I just wanted to inform our readers that we're still on the radar and although the story is falling behind, it is not forgotten. I also have myriads of amazing photos which will be put on facebook as soon as we get a wi-fi connection.

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